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IAE logo Instructional Research & Development Specialist

 Center for Educational Effectiveness seeks an ASSISTANT TO THE (DEAN) (DIRECTOR), OR (CHAIRPERSON) I

The Instructional Research & Development Specialist
will support UC Davis' teaching and learning community by contributing to two major efforts of the Center for Educational Effectiveness:

  1. Collaborating on applied teaching and learning research and development that benefits UC Davis' diverse student population;
  2. Supporting UC Davis' community of instructors who conduct scholarly teaching research. 

Duties of the Instructional Research & Development Specialist include contributing to instructional research and development projects within CEE's portfolio; collaborating with multidisciplinary teams on teaching research and evaluation; conducting consultations for faculty who are interested in SOTL or applied educational research efforts; initiating and creating resources and tools to support UC Davis' scholarly teaching community; facilitating occasional workshops, meetings, and/or learning communities on SOTL-related topics; participating in the planning of events such as the UC Davis SOTL Conference; and participating in CEE's dissemination of teaching scholarship, discoveries, and innovations outside the university to the teaching research and practice community. 

IAE logo Education Specialist

 Center for Educational Effectiveness seeks an ASSISTANT TO THE (DEAN) (DIRECTOR), OR (CHAIRPERSON) I

Under general direction of the Assistant Vice Provost for Educational Effectiveness, and reporting directly to the Associate Director of Learning and Teaching Support (LTS), the Education Specialist provides support for instructional advancement initiatives of the Center for Educational Effectiveness (CEE) and coordinates initiatives in graduate student development in teaching and learning within the CEE. As a member of the LTS team, the Education Specialist will design, administer, and evaluate programmatic efforts related to the advancement of teaching and learning for the UC Davis teaching community (e.g., faculty, lecturers, and graduate students). These duties include coordinating initiatives in graduate student development in learning and teaching, conducting learning and teaching consultations, developing and delivering instructional workshops; developing teaching assistant orientation; collaborating on instructional certification and training development, facilitating learning colloquia/communities; implementing instructional enhancement and innovation grant awards; and working collaboratively with campus partners on matters related to learning and teaching at UC Davis.