Vision, Mission, and Goals

Our Vision for Undergraduate Education

We envision the highest quality learning environment for undergraduates at any university.

Our Mission

Working collaboratively with faculty, staff and students, Undergraduate Education advocates for intellectually rich and inclusive educational experiences that promote learning. Ultimately, we serve students by aligning resources with opportunities to foster curiosity, engaged citizenship, and academic success.


Our Goals

All UC Davis students should have:

  • Academic advising that helps them to discern and follow the right path to achieving their life and career goals
  • Access to the classes they need to graduate in a timely manner
  • Instruction that is engaged and achieves demonstrable results
  • Courses that are delivered in classrooms (or via media) that are optimized for instruction
  • Experiences that draw them to participate in the dynamic intellectual life of the university, and ultimately to make learning their own, bringing their unique engagement with academic life to its fullest expression. 

Our Approach

To accomplish our work, we seek solutions that are 

  • Proactive
  • Evidence-Based
  • Student-centered
  • Built upon collaboration and cooperation