3-Year Degree Pathways

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3-Year Pathways Offer Accelerated Plans for Graduation

Students who are highly focused on graduating early and moving on to graduate school or their careers may want to consider the 3-year degree pathways available in 13 UC Davis majors. 

3-year degree pathways are curriculum plans that allow students to complete the 4-year degree requirements in three academic years.  Degree requirements remain the same - students must complete a minimum of 180 units, fulfill the GE, and satisfy their college’s writing requirement. Students who choose to graduate in three years will typically take between 15 to 19 units per quarter. Most plans include taking courses in the summer; some offer multiple options. 

All students considering a 3-year degree pathway should consult with their academic advisors, who can help them determine whether it's the best plan for them, and how to incorporate important activities such as undergraduate research, internships, and studying abroad or in Washington, DC while pursuing an accelerated degree.

Majors Offering 3-Year Degree Pathways

Animal Science

Biochemistry-Molecular Biology

Biological Sciences




Human Development

International Relations

Managerial Economics

Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior

Political Science