UE Student Assistant Recruitment/Hiring Information

Quarter Hiring Dates

Fall Quarter:10/1 to 12/31

Winter Quarter: 1/1 to 3/31

Spring Quarter: 4/1 to 6/30

Summer Quarter 7/1 to 9/30

AllAll student recruitments must be approved by the appropriate Unit Head/Director, AVP Frasier and Business Office (Lisa or Jeanene) using the Business Recruitment Form.

The Shared Services Center Human Resources unit provides recruitment support for student employment found here.

How to submit a Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) Recruitment or Direct Hire GSR
  1. Establish position description
  2. Approval:  obtain all required signatures on the Recruitment Business Approval (Add link to form)
  3. Submit SSC Student Recruitment Request through the Shared Service Case Management System attaching the following
    1. Approved Recruitment Business Approval form
    2. Job Description
  4. Recruitment request is routed to OCP personnel for approval, once it’s approved it will route to Shared Services and assigned to an HR Generalist for processing.
  5. The HR Generalist will communicate with the requestor and work with the Internship and Career Center to get the job posted in Aggie Job link.
  6. Each unit should have a system in place to review applications to identify the student (GSR) to be hired.
  7. Once a student has been identified,  the following actions need to be taken to move forward with the  hiring process
    1. Contact home dept. of student for GSR compensation plan to determine Step.
      1. Review plan to determine what step the GSR is eligible to be hired at.
      2. The steps within the GSR title are used in conjunction with each program’s unique compensation plan on file with that program’s Dean’s office (or Lead Dean if a graduate group).  If no compensation plan is filed use the Default GSR Compensation plan found on the Salary Scale for Graduate Student and Postdoctoral appointments should be used to determine step increases.
    2. GSR Eligibility Check list (add link to form)
      1. send form to the student to be filled out and signed by Dept. Representative, (Grad Advisor) asking them to return the form to you for processing
    3. GPA and student standing
      1. Check Banner, the appointee must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.00 in previous graduate work if a continuing student, or in the last two years of upper division work if a new graduate student, and be in good academic standing in order to be appointed to AI, GSR, TA, Reader and Tutor titles
    4. Notify student of appointment by sending offer letter for acceptance.
      1. Sample letter can be found here.
    5. Establish Account/Sub account
      1. Each student will need a sub account set up:  Sub accounts are set up by using the first 5 digits of the student’s last name.  If there are not 5 letters in the last name, the first letters of their first name are added to the end of their last name.  For example,  John Li = LIJOH (if you have questions see Jeanene)
    6. Update SSC recruitment ticket attaching and adding the following information
      1. Signed Offer letter
      2. Approved GSR eligibility form
      3. Step to hire (i.e. I, II, III, IV etc.)
      4. Title code: 3282
      5. Object code: SUBG
      6. Account/sub account
      7. Quarters to be hired
    1. Take the above steps in hiring a GSR Steps 1, 2 & 7 before processing the direct hire Student Recruitment Request attaching and adding the following information to the ticket.
      1. Approved Business Recruitment form
      2. Signed Offer letter
      3. Approved GSR eligibility form
      4. Step to hire (i.e. I, II, III, IV etc.)
      5. Title code: 3282
      6. Object code: SUBG
      7. Account/sub account
      8. Quarters to be hired

Graduate Student Resarchers do not submit timesheets for approval in TRS they are automatically paid monthly.

Graduate students, including international students on a F1 or J1 visa, may be appointed up to 100% time during the Summer  and during the Winter and Spring breaks if funding is available. Registration in Summer Session classes is not required to hold an appointment during the Summer.  However, continuing students who hold summer academic appointments must either have been registered for the previous Spring quarter or be registered for the following Fall quarter. Students who have withdrawn in Spring must be readmitted and register for Fall before they can hold a summer appointment.

To budget costs you can use the GSR cost calculator found on the Graduate Studies website.

** Fee’s will be incurred and split out per appt. distribution

** GSR’s can work up to 75% Total Appt.