Information Technology


Start a computer support ticket using one of the following ways
  1. Preferred way: go to Service Hub and submit a Start a Support ticket
  2. Phone support: 530-754-help (4357)
  3. On line support:
Track Orders

 Your orders are tracked at the Service Hub > My Help Status at

Moves/Relocation of equipment

Computer move requests should be coordinated through Jeanene Hayes & Lisa Borchard who will oversee and or submit these requests.

How to purchase a computer

Computers are currently supported by a 4 year warranty

  1. Approval:  Supervisor send request via email to Lisa Borchard by choosing from the OCP Standard computer and software options found below OCP standard computer options

    OCP standard software Include the following information in your request
    1. Account/Sub account to charge (If unsure see your account manager)
    2. If special software or workstation options are needed
    3.  Who the computer is being assigned to and location of final destination
    4. If the computer is replacing a current existing computer
    5. Special cables needed
    6. If ordering new monitors (If arms are needed they will be ordered by a separate process)
    7. If a new docking station is required
    8. If there is a specific date the computer is needed.
  1. Approved orders will be submitted on an IT Get Help ticket by Jeanene Hayes.
    1. Requestor will be copied for tracking and communication purposes.
New employee onboarding computer requests
  1. Supervisors should work with new staff on computer needs (See information on OCP standards above)
  2. Requests will be submitted to IET by, Lisa Borchard or Jeanene Hayes through the OCP IT onboarding Request. Supervisors will be notified when this request is submitted.
Repurposed computers

Jeanene is currently tracking repurposed computers and should be notified in this process.

    1. Is there any data that needs to be moved, stored or erased  before it’s repurposed
    2. Who is the computer being reassigned to
    3. Does the computer need to be relocated
Disposal of University IT/Electronics
  1.  Submit IET help request including the following information
    1. Item description
    2. Where it’s located
    3. Property number
    4. Date it can be picked up
    5. If a computer, the computer will be held in IT for 2 weeks and then all data will be erased.
How to Purchase Additional Software and Licenses

Information and Educational Technology (IET) provides support for our units with ordering software and licenses. If IET is unable to process your request they will provide further instructions.

To submit your request start a support ticket here

Please include the following information in your request

      • Recharge number/account/sub acct: LICEN
      • Software name
      • Number of licenses
      • Who the license/s will be assigned to
      • Business use case