Purchasing Memberships to Professional Organizations

All memberships must be approved by the appropriate unit director, AVP Frasier, and VP Thomas. See considerations for membership approval below as a guide. 

How to Purchase a Membership
  1. Approval:  Obtain all needed signatures on the Approval Request for Organization Membership Dues
    1. Please add the subaccount MEMBR to the account number.
    2. Provide a copy of the form to Jeanene for tracking.
  2. Purchase the membership in one of three ways:
    1. Initiate a request through UC Davis Pre-Purchasing
      1. Attach completed form to your request
    2. OR for urgent orders or purchases that Pre-Purchasing cannot support: a procurement card may be used.
    3. OR Purchase a membership as part of a conference registration:
      1. Make one payment but indicate membership fee portion on MyTravel report
        1. Indicate subaccount MEMBR for all membership expenses.
        2. Attach the Approval Request for Organization Membership Dues