General Process for Purchasing

Obtain any necessary approvals from Department/Unit Directors as well as proper account/sub account to charge prior to processing your order.

If you are unsure of what account to charge please see the Account Manager (Jeanene Hayes or Lisa Borchard)

Online Pre Purchasing system (OPP)

For more information visit Shared Service Purchasing/Procurement

How to Place orders utilizing OPP (low value orders, repair orders, Purchase requisitions, Business Contracts etc.)   

  1. Submit purchase requests directly into the pre purchasing system under Orders.  Please visit the TOUR tab and take the guided tour that will walk you through each field of this document.
    1. You can attach quotes and other required approvals and or information to this document.
    2. Your submitted request will route to the account manager for approval
    3. After the account manager approves the request it will route to Pre Purchasing/Shared Services and will be assigned to a buyer.
    4. The buyer will communicate any questions, comments or information regarding the order through the ticket.  It is important that you track your orders through to completion.
    5. Please report any major order discrepancies, for example, if something should not be paid or has not been received in a timely manner or was returned let your account manager know so the invoice is not approved.

* Requests purchased with a shared service buyers purchasing card requires acknowledgment of receipt.  The card holder cannot reconcile the expense without a confirmation that items were received.

Self-Service Purchase Options

UCD Buy Is an online e-procurement system that facilitates the use of campus and UC System Strategic Sourcing Program agreements.   More information about UCD Buy and setting up your customer profile can be found at   After setting up your customer profile you may begin making purchases.

When possible utilize UCD Buy to order office supplies, furniture and campus storehouse items easily. 

The benefits of the UCD Buy system include:

      • Online catalog browsing and order placement
      • Ability to combine items from different vendors into one order
      • Ability to charge different accounts for each item ordered.
      • Ability to log in anytime to check on the status of your orders.
      • Automatic recording of charges to UCD general ledger and automatic payment to vendor – no invoice processing

Remember to assign correct account/sub account and reference fields to the items being purchased.

    • For Rush orders please email your account manager the UCD Buy order number and justification for rush.


You can obtain a UCD Bookstore order from either Lisa or Jeanene.  Lisa, Jeanene or your unit Director, or Account Manager can approve these forms.   The form should be filled out completely with account/sub account information, description of items to be purchased along with the business purpose.

Return Book order along with receipts to Jeanene Hayes for record keeping purposes.

More information can be found at Shared Services under Self-Service option UCD Bookstore Orders


To streamline purchasing card transactions and simplify workflow the Office of Undergraduate Education is requesting that the use of purchasing cards be used sparingly.  The purchase card should only be considered in instances when urgent/immediate needs of the units would otherwise be stalled, Pre purchasing or UCD Buy or the bookstore is unable to fulfill the business need in a timely manner.  

The following purchases cannot be made using a purchasing card:

    1. Travel-related expenses.
    2. Entertainment, including food and catering charges.
    3. Any items or services that have non-restricted commodity codes, but are identified in the Excluded Items list  or are otherwise restricted by policy.
    4. Additional unallowable items listed on the Allowable Use page of the purchasing card website.

The PCDO document should always be completed and approved before it auto-approves in 60 calendar days; it is not considered a “best practice” to allow PCDO documents to reach auto-approved status.  PCDO documents  reviewed monthly (at least once every 30 days) to ensure they are in compliance with established Ledger Review practices, including the Analytical Ledger Review which is performed by your account manager on a monthly basis

Card Holders are required to add the following to their PCDO documents

    1. Business justification
    2. Account/Sub account/Object code/reference field
    3. Upload receipt and any necessary required approvals (i.e. Memberships)
    4. Check Tax information and add required tax fields
    5. Account manager will audit expense, check for tax correctness, receipts and any required approvals
    6. Card holders should reconciled receipts against your credit card statement on a monthly basis.  

For more information you can visit Shared Services UCD Purchasing Card Program link under UCD Purchasing Card.

Or visit Accounting & Financial Services Procurement card

Other Purchasing information

For information regarding Purchasing/Procurement in regards to Agreements, Services/Repair visit Shared Services  Financial Services/Purchasing/Procurement and you will find links with detailed information of each item.

Shared Services Useful Links Purchasing/Procurement

Before You Buy

Criteria for Emergency Orders

Frequently Used Forms