UE Student Assistant Recruitment/Hiring Information


Shared Services HR Student Recruitment will bring to the Student Recruitment Guide, Student (STDT) titles 2,3,4  and  BYA (By Agreement) and other useful links to policies, pay plans etc.                                                     

Employee Separation

Employee Damage payments

Internship and Career Center

All student recruitments must be approved by the appropriate Unit Head/Director, AVP Frasier and Business Office (Lisa or Jeanene) using the Business Recruitment Form.

The Shared Services Center Human Resources unit provides recruitment support for student employment found here.

How to submit a Student Recruitment or a Direct Hire Student
  1. Establish position description (Add link to student position Description template or sample here)
  2. Approval:  obtain all needed signatures on the Recruitment Business Approval Form (Link is above, maybe only add link to quick links (word link)
  3. If this is a direct hire, establish sub account using the first 5 letters of the students last name if more letters are needed use the letters of their first name to add to the last name.  If not a direct hire the sub account will need to be set up once the candidate has been identified and added into the recruitment request.
    1. Submit recruitment request through Shared Services Service Catalog choosing Recruitment Request and choosing student recruitment not staff recruitment.
    2. Attach approved Business Approval form
    3. Attach Job Description
    4. If Direct hire, add account/sub acct. information to Payroll Accounts and Percentages (Full FAU including object code)
      1. Example: Percent of time 25%, Account/sub acct: CLLSTDT HAYES, Object code: SUBG  (If unsure see your account manager)
    5. If Direct Hire, add the following information to the area under: What else would you like to tell us about this recruitment.  If not a direct hire you would add this information to the recruitment request once your candidate has been chosen.
      1. Student name
      2. Students ID
      3. Unit hiring and Dept. Code
      4. If student will be holding a dual appt. note where.
      5. Back up TRS Supervisors names

Once the request has been submitted it will route OCP Personnel for approval and then to Shared Services HR recruitment team and will be assigned to an HR Coordinator for processing.

* HR coordinator will  get the job posted in Aggie Job link.

Each unit should have a process established for management of scheduling interviews and selecting a candidate.

Once a candidate has been identified the information for hiring needs to be added to the recruitment request to start the hiring process.

SSC HR Coordinator will set up the hiring and onboarding appointment and will let the requestor know when the student is available to start work.

*  It is very important to process Employee Separations in a timely manner.  For more information on this process please visit Shared Services link.