Represent & Respond Board

The Represent & Respond Board is a voluntary group of UE staff who meet monthly to discuss topics of concern. 

Meeting Dates:

Meetings take place via Zoom on the third Thursday of each month. 

2 Ways to Submit a Topic for Discussion:

1) Complete this form - you may submit it anonymously if you wish, or you may volunteer to lead a discussion.

2) Alternatively (or additionally), you may contact any of the members listed below to discuss an issue of concern that may be raised by the member. Please indicate to the person you contact if you wish to maintain your anonymity.

Meeting Notes:

Notes are taken by a volunteer scribe at each meeting and recorded here: Meeting Notes

  • Ann Glazer
  • Cynthia Carter Ching
  • E. Nuñez
  • Helen Schurke Frasier
  • Janet Chambers
  • Kim Heintz
  • Lisa Borchard
  • Lolita Adkins
  • Matt Steinwachs
  • Nicole Wood
  • Patricia Turner
  • Regina Canegan
  • Steven Morse
  • Tiffany Hodgens