Placement Exams for First-Year Students

Chemistry Placement Exam

CHE 2A (or CHE 2AH – Honors) is the first course in the Introductory Chemistry series. All students who register in CHE 2A or CHE 2AH are required to satisfy the Chemistry Placement Requirement. See the Chemistry Placement Exams web page for complete information.

Writing and English Language Placement Exams 

While all students must satisfy the ELWR, there are different ways to satisfy it the requirement. Some students will need to take a Writing Placement Exam. See the Entry Level Writing web page for complete information.

Foreign Language Placement Exam

Language requirements are based on your college AND on your major. Some UC Davis colleges do not have a language requirement, but a major in that college may have one. The University Catalog entry for each major will tell you if there is a language requirement. Look for your major on the Departments, Programs, and Degrees page and navigate to the degree requirements page. See the Foreign Language Placement Exams web page for complete information.

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Mathematics Placement Exam

All students who register in MAT 12, 16A, 17A, 21A, or 21M are required to take the Mathematics Placement Exam. See the Mathematics Placement Exam web page for complete information.

Computer Science Placement Exam

Information about the Computer Science placement exam is available here. Taking the exam is only required for students that plan to take ECS 36A. Computer Science coursework is not required for every major. It is best to speak with your major advisor as soon as possible if you are not certain if ECS 36A is a requirement.