Faculty Resources for Student Support

UC Davis offers numerous resources for both faculty and students. Below you will find a list of resources to support your instructional activities and to share with students.

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Emergency Services

Campus Safety

Resources and contact information for emergencies and campus safety, including emergency preparedness and response, other emergency help, personal safety, campus intervention programs, campus health and counseling services, and community services.

Red Folder

A guide for assisting students of concern, including UC Davis and local resources as well as guidelines for responding to students in distress.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Report incident of hate or bias; Anti-Racism Syllabus; DEI newsletter; how to be an ally, create inclusive spaces; DEI courses and certificates; diversity and awareness workshops

Center for Educational Effectiveness (CEE)
  • Website
  • Location: 1342 The Grove
  • (530) 752-6050

Teaching-related Support & Professional Development

Undergrauate Education Resources
Center for Educational Effectiveness (CEE)
  • Website
  • Location: 1342 The Grove
  • (530) 752-6050

Teaching consultations; mid-quarter inquiries; video recording and classroom observations; help with statements of teaching philosophy; presentation skills and lesson feedback consultations; workshops and classes on teaching and professional development; Faculty Learning Community; and Scantron test scoring.

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

Assessment of student learning, assessment process; using online platforms in remote instruction; guidelines for assessment design; Symposium on Assessment of Learning

Keep Teaching

Strategies and resources for remote instruction; guidelines for lecture delivery, giving exams, holding lab sections, promoting academic integrity; remote teaching webinars and workshops; student access to learning tools in remote setting

Office of Student Support & Student Judicial Affairs (OSSJA)
  • Website
  • Location: 3200 Dutton Hall
  • (530) 752-1128

Information for instructors about promoting academic integrity, preventing cheating and plagiarism, handling class disruption, helping students in a crisis, what to include in a syllabus; student conduct standards; disciplinary process; report misconduct; student rights and grievances.

Office of Graduate Studies and GradPathways
  • Website
  • Location: 2001 Walker Hall
  • (530) 752-0650

Academic services; financial support; employment information; professional development workshops and programs; diversity resources; and academic support.

Academic Technology Services
  • Website
  • Location: Surge II
  • (530) 752-2133

Canvas support; workshops and forums about teaching with technology; classroom technology support (e.g., media cabinet, projector, podcasting); computer classrooms.

University Library
  • Website
  • Location: Shields Library, Carlson Health Sciences Library, and Physical Sciences and Engineering Library

Course reserves for textbooks; library instruction session for classes or consultation on a library assignment; guides and tutorials for writing, citing information, using the library, library research; specialized guides in different subject areas

Emotional Support and Wellness

Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS) and Student Health and Wellness Center
  • Website
  • Location: 930 Orchard Road
  • (530) 752-2349

Medical services, including primary care, specialty care, pharmacy, nutrition services, clinical support services, optometry clinic, psychiatry, men and women’s health.

Counseling Services
  • Website
  • Location: 219 North Hall
  • (530) 752-2349

Mental health and psychological services, including individual counseling, group services, community advising network, career counseling, community referrals, eating disorder services.

WorkLife and Wellness
  • Website
  • Location: Multiple locations
  • (530) 754-8791

Programs, policies, referrals and education that enable employees and students to be effective at work, school and home. WorkLife encompasses dependent care and family services, health and wellness, financial support, career flexibility and community involvement.

Campus Recreation and Unions (CRU)
  • Website
  • Location: Multiple locations (ARC, Memorial Union)
  • (530) 752-5034

Activities and Recreation Center (ARC); gym; group exercises; personal training; climbing wall; indoor track; Memorial Union (MU); aquatics; UC Davis Marching Band; Craft Center; Equestrian Center; Intramural sports; Outdoor Adventures.

Community Resource and Retention Centers

These Centers strive to improve the retention of all UC Davis students by promoting student centered work that advances equity using intersectional approaches and advocacy to build community and contribute to students’ success on campus.

AB540 and Undocumented Student Center
  • Website
  • Location: 1003 Student Community Center
  • (530) 752-9538

Undocumented student and financial support; grants; legal advice; emotional and academic support; community outreach; and UC Davis faculty and staff training.

Center for African Diaspora Student Success

CADSS is a space for African and African American students to engage together in all aspects of life on campus. CADSS provides tools and resources that support students’ developmental transformation, empowering them to maximize their potential and positively impact the UC Davis campus.

Cross Cultural Center
  • Website
  • Location: First floor - Student Community Center
  • (530) 752-4287

Information about CCC communities, including for graduate and international students; programs that promote diversity; grants; jobs and volunteer programs; reporting hate and bias incidents.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual Resource Center (LGBTQIA RC)
  • Website
  • Location: 1400 Student Community Center
  • (530) 752-2452

Internships; mental health program resources; peer education; volunteer program; queer mentorship; safe zone; academic retention program; speakers bureau; multiple events; related campus and community organizations; transgender and disability resources; HIV testing; LGBTQIA education.

Middle Eastern, North African, and South Asian Student Resources

MENASA is about building a community that supports, empowers, and honors students’ cultures, identities, and experiences.

Strategic Asian and Pacific Islander Retention initiative
  • Location: 2405 Student Community Center
  • (530) 754-6836

The SAandPIRI is dedicated to the academic, personal, and professional success of all UC Davis students who identify with the Asian and Pacific Islander community.

Student Recruitment & Retention Center (SRRC)
  • Website
  • Location: 1100 Student Community Center
  • (530) 754-6836

Student-run programs for community outreach; academic support; peer mentorships; open study space; volunteer and internship opportunities.

Women’s Resource and Research Center (WRRC)
  • Website
  • Location: 113 North Hall
  • (530) 752-3372

Promoting gender equity and social justice; empowering community; additional resources; hate or bias incident reporting resources; violence prevention resources and reporting information

Additional Success Centers

Transfer and Reentry Center
  • Website
  • Location: 1210 Dutton Hall
  • (530) 752-2200

Assists all transfer students (junior college or community college to UC Davis, UC to UC Davis, out of state to UC Davis) and reentry students. Offers academic advising, support resources, and connects students to social events and activities offered by the Transfer and Reentry Center and other campus partners through workshops and seminars.

Veterans Success Center
  • Website
  • Location: 243 Memorial Union Second Floor
  • (530) 752-2020

The Veterans Success Center (VSC) at UC Davis is committed to providing services to the student veterans, service members, and dependents of the Armed Services.

Academic Support for Undergraduates

Academic Assistance & Tutoring Center (AATC)
  • Website
  • Location: 2205 Dutton Hall
  • (530) 752-2013

Academic support services in tutoring, mathematics, science, and writing/ESL, and Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project.

Student Disability Center (SDC)
  • Website
  • Location: 54 Cowell Building
  • (530) 752-3184

Determine eligibility for academic accommodations; provide specialized academic support; request accommodations; notetaker services; mobility assistance.

Center for Leadership Learning (CLL)
  • Website
  • Location: 1350 The Grove (Surge III)
  • (530) 752-6908

Workshops; certificate programs; one-on-one leadership coaching; opportunities for graduate students to facilitate workshops.

Support for International Students and Multilingual Learners

International & Academic English
  • Website
  • Location: 1350 The Grove (Surge III)
  • (530) 752-6799

Provides language courses and summer intensive programs, coordinating with academic advising, and other support for undergraduates. Pal program. For graduate students, provides language and culture coaching, TOEP (Test of Oral English Proficiency) for prospective international TAs; SPEAK test for prospective international TAs.

Services for International Students and Scholars (SISS)
  • Website
  • Location: International Center
  • (530) 752-0864

Assists international students and scholars in maintaining their legal status while in the United States. SISS also provides orientation, assistance, information, and referral to international students, faculty, and researchers regarding financial, personal, cultural, and academic concerns.

Graduate Writing Fellows

One-on-one writing consultations; workshops; writing support; reading support; grant support; fellowship support; peer education; collaborative learning.

Using these Resources

Canvas Resource Page

We encourage you to incorporate a resource page for students in your Canvas course site. This may include general academic resources, health resources, and more. A couple exisiting resource pages you may consider using are the UC Davis student resources page or Prof. Sue Ebeler's resource FAQ. Professor Ebeler also offers instructions on how to load the FAQ page onto a course Canvas site.