Academic Difficulty

Some students will experience academic difficulty during their time at UC Davis.  If you are struggling and your grades are being affected, it can impact your academic standing when the quarter ends. It is important to work with an academic advisor at the first sign(s) of challenges to maximize your options to get back on the right track.  

Facing academic probation (AP), subject to disqualification (SD), or dismissal can feel scary and overwhelming, but you are not alone and you can reposition yourself for success. We encourage you to approach AP/SD with as much information as possible to support you along the way.  



Follow the directions you receive, and work with your academic advisors to create a plan for success. Success is different for every student. 

  1. Read the notice as soon as you receive it, and follow the directions.

  2. Schedule an appointment and meet with your Dean’s Office/ BASC Academic Advisor!

    If you are unsure which college you're in, you can find it in the HOME tab on OASIS

  3. After your meeting, follow your success agreement.

  4. Schedule a mid-quarter check-in.

While each academic college operates a little differently with regard to process, the information here can help guide you, provide some useful perspective, and point you toward a productive path forward.


More Resources to Help You Succeed

  1. Use Free Tutoring and Study Skills Resources
    The Student Academic Success Center (SASC) offers many services and programs, including Academic Assistance and TutoringGeneral and subject-specific academic assistance, and SASC Centers & Programs
  2. Take Care of your Mental and Physical Health
    Student Health and Counseling Services: Support for your health, including services to help you achieve academic success, personal development and lifelong wellness.
  3. Seek Academic Support if you have a Disability
    The Student Disability Center (SDC) coordinates specialized academic support services for students with disabilities, including learning, vision, hearing, medical, psychological, and mobility. The SDC is staffed by professional Disability Specialists who specialize in different areas of disability. You must register with the SDC to receive accommodations. 
  4. Advice for Changing Your Major
    About half of UC Davis students change their major. Being in the right major is important for your success. The What Can I Do With My Major? Blog - stories from academic advisors, UC Davis alumni, and many others that could help provide insight through the decision-making process.