UC Davis students are the reason we're here.

Undergraduate Education's units are here to enhance your pathway to graduation with programs that advance learning for students. 

A Strong Start for Incoming International and Transfer Students
  • We offer summer programs for admitted students: 
Connect in the Classroom
  • First-Year Seminars let you take small classes in your very first year. Get to know your professor and fellow students while you dive into your studies together. 
  • Summer Sessions: Stay on track for graduation, focus on one or two challenging courses, or complete a year's worth of language study over a summer!
  • University Honors Program: A four-year living-learning program for high-achieving and high-potential students. We also offer a two-year program for transfer students. 
Learn to Lead, Connect, and Discover Research
  • The Center for Leadership Learning offers workshops, certificate programs, and an annual conference to help you learn to lead, and lead with purpose.
  • The Pal Program connects UC Davis students from different nations and cultural backgrounds. 
  • The Undergraduate Research Center can help you connect with research opportunities, funding, and hosts an annual conference where students present. 
Spend a Quarter in Washington, DC or Sacramento
  • A Washington Program internship in the Nation's Capital can help you discover, prepare, and network for a dream career.  
  • Quarter at Aggie Square brings you together with a small cohort of students to study a topic you're passionate about that's connected to our state capital. 


Enhancing your Education in the Remote Environment

Our units and initiatives are going strong, even when we're physically distance. Now more than ever, it's important to discover connections in the classroom, internships, research, and beyond. Discover our remote opportunities.