Instructional Needs Funding

In 2012-13, Provost Hexter established an ongoing allocation in Instructional Needs (IN) funding in recognition of the continued need to make strategic decisions in undergraduate course offerings, and address situations where the incentive-based budget model will not always provide the necessary level of support.  In 2013, UE and Budget and Institutional Analysis (BIA) developed a framework of principles and funding priorities that take into account interactions with the budget model, enrollment growth, and crucial curricular needs, published online as Instructional Needs Funding in the Incentive-Based Budget Model.  The priorities outlined in this paper, and listed below, will continue to guide IN funding decisions for 2017-18.

Priorities for IN Funding

  1. Freshman-level courses that are prerequisites for staying on track in majors chosen by large numbers of students;
  2. An undergraduate course at any level that is a degree requirement in a major in another college or department but that cannot be sustained with adequate resources from its own unit;
  3. Freshman-level courses required of large numbers of students;
  4. Upper division writing courses required of large numbers of students that are important to time-to-degree; and/or
  5. Lower division courses offered in one department that are required by large numbers of students majoring in another department but which are generally not prerequisites for courses in the major.
  6. For 2017-18, upper division courses expected to be impacted due to a large influx of transfer students.

In 2015 we established a formal process for IN requests to allow for a more timely and consistent review, support future analysis of the use of these funds, and ensure that all appropriate parties have reviewed and approved the request.  Requests should be submitted as early in the planning process as possible.  All funding requires a report to be submitted according to the guidelines below. 

Requests for IN funding should be submitted by a dean’s office to Associate Vice Provost Matthew Traxler ( using templates and timeline below.  Please contact Matthew Traxler with any questions.

IN Request Forms for Academic Year (AY) 2017-18 Requests 

Timeline for Submitting AY Requests

Please follow the recommended timeline for submitting IN requests throughout the academic year. Because new issues come up throughout the academic year, requests may continue to be submitted as needed, but should use the same forms.

Summer Sessions 2017 IN Funding Requests

IN funding is available to support Summer Sessions courses.  In general, the criteria are the same as for AY Courses.

Please see Instructional Needs Funding in the Incentive-Based Budget Model for more information, and contact Matthew Traxler at with any questions.