Quarter in the Cloud Courses - Fall 2020

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QITC Courses are Planned with International Students in Mind.

Recognizing the extra challenges international students may face in taking UC Davis courses this remote quarter, professors are offering a selection of courses adapted to meet your needs this fall.

Time-Shifted Courses

Many QITC courses offer discussion sections, exams, or office hours at times that will to allow students in time zones around the world to engage directly with your instructor. You can find a full, searchable list of QITC courses here, search schedules adjusted to reflect times in Paris, New Delhi, and Beijing.  

Special Section: Macroeconomics ECN 001B

If your academic advisor has recommended that you enroll in Principles of Macroeconomics / ECN 001B, we are excited to announce a new section designed exclusively for international students by popular professor Derek Stimel. This section was just added so there is ample space to switch in. 

How to Enroll in QITC Courses:

You can switch sections or add courses during Open Enrollment and Pass 2. Use Schedule Builder to make changes to your schedule.

If you are enrolled in one of these courses, but are not currently in a QITC section, Open Registration and Pass 2 offer you the opportunity to switch sections. 

If sections are full now, keep checking as seats may become available during open registration. You can also sign up for the waitlist during Pass 2.

Ask for Help:

If you have questions about QITC courses, please contact the international advisor in your college: