Eyra Gutierrez-Vergara

Person Placeholder

Position Title
Major(s): Sociology, Psychology, Communications
Year: Senior

  • Co-Chair

Major(s): Sociology, Psychology, Communications
Year: Senior
E-mail: ejgutierrezv@ucdavis.edu

What do you do on campus? What are you a part of, or are you passionate about at Davis?
I am apart of the UC Davis Cheer & Stunt Team, as well as the Davis Athlete Ally club, and of course SAB.

Why did you join SAB? What is your favorite part?
I joined SAB because I felt like, for the first time on this campus, students’ opinions actually mattered and were going to be taken more seriously. My favorite part about SAB is having Dean of Undergraduate Education Carolyn as our director/advisor. Having faculty, especially Dean Carolyn, makes me feel like we’re actually being heard and that the faculty do in fact care.