Navreet Hundal

Person Placeholder

Position Title
Major(s): Political Science
Year: Junior


Major(s): Political Science
Year: Junior

What do you do on campus? What are you a part of, or are you passionate about at Davis?
As a first generation student, addressing educational barriers and focusing on my academics is important to me. Being involved on campus as Academic Affairs Commission chair, and now SAB, allows me to continue this passion. These involvements have connected me with fellow students and communities on campus, facilitating needed discussions and actively working on bettering students’ academic opportunities.  

Why are you joining the UE SAB?
I joined SAB within the last few weeks of the Spring Quarter. Yet within this short time frame, was greeted into an environment which not only cared about helping students, but held a strong sense of collaboration and communication. SAB is a place where I can actively voice my personal academic experiences and opinions, while feeling valued and heard in doing so. I am excited to continue working alongside fellow board members, to better undergraduate education.