UE Publications

UE’s Brett McFarlane, Executive Director for Academic Advising, teamed up with Vice Provost & Dean Carolyn Thomas to write “Advocating for Academic Advising,” Chapter 11 in Beyond Foundations: Developing as a Master Advisor, coming out from Jossey-Bass in October 2016. The chapter draws on Thomas and McFarlane’s work over the past two years to make academic advising a campus priority, and implement a number of practices that benefit our students. McFarlane came to campus in 2014 to serve as the first campuswide Executive Director of Academic Advising, and has worked with advisors, faculty, and administrators to implement new advising technology, standards and best practices, and professional development pathways to build communication and collaboration among the colleges on advising issues. “Experienced academic advisors, equipped with an effective toolset and united in approach, can serve as transformational campus change agents for advising excellence,” said McFarlane. 

Kem Saichaie, Associate Director for Learning and Teaching Support in the Center for Educational Effectiveness, is co-author of this essential guide which provides an introduction to and brief history of, and practical guidance on how to use active learning classrooms.  Active learning classrooms offer rich new environments for leaning, but faculty must know how to use them well and build on their special features.  This book synthesizes the research on active learning to support instructors in using these new spaces to their full potential.