Vision, Mission, and Goals

Our Vision for Undergraduate Education

We envision the highest quality learning environment for undergraduates at any university.

Our Mission

Working collaboratively with faculty, staff and students, Undergraduate Education advocates for intellectually rich and inclusive educational experiences that promote learning. Ultimately, we serve students by aligning resources with opportunities to foster curiosity, engaged citizenship, and academic success.

Our Goals and Plans

Our two primary goals, and a five-part plan to achieve these goals, are articulated in a document prepared for the incoming chancellor. 

  1. Increase academic success for all students, thereby closing persistence and achievement gaps; 
  2. Graduate students who have discovered and cultivated their unique talents, and, as a result, can tackle their generation's most pressing challenges.

Read our five-part plan to achieve these goals, or download a PDF

Our Core Values

In serving our students and accomplishing our mission, we value

  • Curiosity
  • Advocacy
  • Inclusivity
  • Kindness

Our Approach

To accomplish our work, we seek solutions that are 

  • Proactive
  • Evidence-Based
  • Student-centered
  • Built upon collaboration and cooperation