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Academic Advising

November 08, 2019
The Office of Academic Advising engages and supports the academic advising community in building agency and capacity to implement comprehensive, intentional, and evidence-based advising practices that empower undergraduate students to develop self-awareness, self-accountability, and self-actualization.

Center for Leadership Learning

November 08, 2019
Center for Leadership Learning Mission Statement: 

The Center for Leadership Learning aims to educate and cultivate the next generation of leaders who have a strong sense of self-awareness, have the ability to work effectively with others, and who are civically and socially engaged.

First Year Seminars

November 08, 2019
First Year Seminars Mission Statement: 

The First-Year Seminar (FYS) program provides a small classroom experience for students in their first-year on campus that engages faculty and undergraduate peers to explore intellectual and socially significant topics together.  Students are introduced to critical inquiry that facilitates their academic and personal transition as university scholars who examine contemporary and enduring issues, often transcending specific disciplines or world views.

International & Academic English

November 08, 2019
International & Academic English Mission Statement: 

International and Academic English works to ensure academic success for multilingual students, both domestic and international, by using data to identify, and eliminate barriers and by partnering across campus to support multilingual learners.

Summer Sessions

November 08, 2019
Summer Sessions Mission Statement: 

Summer Sessions works with campus administrative and academic partners to offer and promote UC Davis quality courses during the summer to support our students’ successful advancement toward timely graduation.

Testing Services Center

November 08, 2019
Testing Services Center Mission Statement: 

The UC Davis Testing Services Center offers services that meet the testing needs of our students and academic partners. We facilitate and proctor exam sessions to give students equitable opportunities to succeed, in an environment that cultivates integrity.

  1. Assist the campus in providing students with equitable opportunities for academic testing success and provide faculty with the ability to remain focused on teaching.

Undergraduate Research Center

November 08, 2019
Undergraduate Research Center Mission Statement: 

The Undergraduate Research Center (URC) encourages and facilitates research opportunities for UC Davis undergraduates in all majors and class levels. We offer awards and activities to support undergraduate research across the university. The URC promotes research as a high impact student experience to enhance readiness to succeed in future careers.

University Honors Program

November 08, 2019
University Honors Program Mission Statement: 

The University Honors Program (UHP) enriches the diverse needs of academically high achieving, high potential and socially conscious undergraduates through innovative pedagogy and interdisciplinary opportunities that foster active and collaborative learning, discovery research or creative expression, leadership development, and civic engagement.  UHP students are inspired to take intellectual risks, assume campus, community and global leadership roles in a diverse and com

UE Business Operations

November 08, 2019
UE Business Operations Mission Statement: 

The Business Operations Team strives to create a well-informed and prepared Undergraduate Education community by providing guidance for business practices, human resources and financial management to use university resources in the most efficient and effective manner.

  1. Train and assist program staff in meeting their operational needs.
  2. Develop and share safety protocols.
  3. Improve recruitment process

UE Communications

November 08, 2019
UE Communications Mission Statement: 

UE Communications promotes the work of Undergraduate Education and advocates for our values to campus and the public. We provide strategic support for Undergraduate Education, and have oversight to ensure that communications and applications are of the highest quality, consistent with the organization’s stated values, and in alignment with UC Davis’s identity standards. 

Washington Program

November 08, 2019
Washington Program Mission Statement: 

The Washington Program’s mission is to provide the highest quality experiential learning program for UC Davis undergraduates by offering internship and professional development opportunities that help inform students' transition from study to professional practice. The program is student centered and committed to providing access to educational & professional opportunities to meet students’ changing personal, professional, and academic needs.