Point of View

The guilty-on-all-counts verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin, the former police officer who murdered George Floyd, has brought a great deal of relief, validation, and encouragement to many.  And yet its cathartic effect is also an indication of the work we still need to do for accountability to become the norm, rather than a historic exception.

A New Vision for Advising

An Interview with Kayton Carter

By Sharon Campbell Knox

Kayton Carter, MA has been named Executive Director for Academic Advising Enrichment at UC Davis. Academic Advising Enrichment was established in 2014 to provide centralized, campus-wide leadership and advocacy for academic advising.  Carter, a doctoral candidate in the UC Davis School of Education, is the second Executive Director to hold this position. We interviewed him about his vision.

You Belong Here: Transfer Edge Creates Community

On a late summer afternoon, 13 students are gathered around a seminar table waiting for class to start, buzzing with the kind of noisy chatter and laughter you find in a class where the students are comfortable and enjoy each other’s company.