Portrait of George Floyd by David Garibaldi
(c) David Garibaldi

Undergraduate Education's Statement on the Death of George Floyd

The faculty and staff of the Office of Undergraduate Education reaffirm our commitment to the fundamental human, civil, and education rights of all people of color. 

The murder of George Floyd stands as only the most recent and prominent instance of the oppression and marginalization of Black individuals and other people of color in the United States.  Actions taken by police and other government agencies that infringe on the right of people to protest and seek redress of grievances are also unacceptable. We grieve the losses of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and too many black lives before them; and we abhor the systemic racism that continues to plague the Black community and beyond.

Black Lives Matter. The Office of Undergraduate Education deplores individual, institutional, and structural racism and violence against Black individuals and other people of color. We applaud efforts to end racism, violence, and discrimination in all forms. We add our voices to the messages from Chancellor May and other campus leaders.

To our Black students: we see you and we hear you. We remain steadfast in our commitment to foster your education and opportunities in a way that honors who each of you are as individuals, so that you may create an educational journey that speaks to your individual experience. 

Our commitment is to foster inclusive education. Education is a critical tool in countering the forces that underlie racism and discrimination: ignorance and fear. We recommit to advancing equity and inclusion in our work for the academic mission of the institution. We recommit to advancing an education that recognizes and dismantles discrimination in all its forms.