UE Student Advisory Board Hosts Town Hall

Undergraduate Education's Winter Quarter Town Hall 2021

College Leaders Speak to Students' Educational Concerns

What concerns do you have about your education this quarter? Undergraduate students had an opportunity to voice current concerns to leadership from each of the undergraduate colleges at UC Davis in Zoom town hall convened by Interim Vice Provost and Dean for Undergraduate Education Cynthia Carter Ching and her Student Advisory Board.  Members of the UE Student Advisory Board asked questions about Equitable Access textbook plan, challenges registering for high-demand prerequisite courses, difficulties in accessing academic advising, and the varying level of flexibility and accommodations being made for students in the remote environment. 

Responding were Associate Deans for Undergraduate Education Sue Ebeler from the College of Agricultural and Economic Sciences; Ralph Aldredge from the College of Engineering, Michele Igo from the College of Biological Sciences, and Claire Waters, Faculty Advisor to the Dean of the College of Letters and Science.

Topical Time Stamps on Youtube: 

  • Welcome (0:00​)
  • What are the long term implications of Equitable Access? (1:44​)
  • Does Equitable Access impact teaching or textbook selection? (6:26​)
  • How do you accommodate students with old copies of textbooks? (12:30​)
  • What about costs for materials that aren't covered by Equitable Access? (14:45​)
  • What is each college doing to provide accommodations, flexibility, and an interactive learning environment? (19:25​)
  • What is a significant experience that's had an impact on your academics? (33:20​)
  • Access to prerequisite courses (34:55​)
  • Access to advising (38:13​)
  • Suggestions to improve the academic experience (43:33​)
  • International students' challenges with course schedules (43:57​)
  • Closing (54:20​)
Bring Your Concerns

A town hall with educational leadership will be hosted each quarter. What are your concerns? Please plan to bring them to the spring quarter town hall to help inform leadership and learn from them. 

If you have questions about this event, please email arherron@ucdavis.edu