Student Advisory Board

Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board (SAB) provides a bridge to connect the gap between student and administrator communication. The board consists of ten or more undergraduate students who meet regularly with Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education Carolyn Thomas. Each student represents their school and major, which results in an array of experiences and skills for the board. The SAB helps host different events on campus that provide opportunities for undergraduate students to communicate with administrators. One such event is the Student Advisory Forum where different administrators within Undergraduate Education serve on a panel for students to attend and ask questions about improvements and issues. The forum takes place once each quarter and the SAB meets once a month to plan their events.

Meet the 2018-19 Team:

Rida Ali

NPB, Senior,

Anidita Chattopadhyay

Biological Sciences, Senior,

Samantha Dunn

Sociology, Junior,

Eyra Gutierrez-Vergara

Sociology, Psychology, & Communications, Junior,

Justin Hurst

Microbiology & International Relations, Senior,

Christal Juarez

Anthropology & International Relations, Junior,

Jordan Lara

Animal Biology & Chicana/Chicano Studies, Senior,

Jorge Hurtado Lopez

Psychiobiology major, Senior,

Marcelo Lopez

Organizational Studies/Sociology, Senior,

Jose Macias

Political Science, Senior,

Izaac Ornelas

Managerial Economics, Senior,

Izac Parra

Psychology, Junior,

Elizabeth Picazo

Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior, Senior,

Naomi Reeley

Human Development & Political Science, Junior,

Susanna Zheng

Psychology, Senior,