two students sitting in the courtyard on a picnic table. Both are wearing Summer Sessions t-shirts.
Summer Sessions student assistants chatting in the courtyard.

Top 6 reasons to take UC Davis Summer Sessions

UC Davis offers hundreds of classes during Summer Sessions, or fourth quarter, as it is affectionately known on campus. Most courses take place during the two six-week sessions, with Session I beginning June 24. With input from the Summer Sessions student assistants, we compiled a list of reasons Summer Sessions may be perfect for you.

  1. Focus on one time-intensive class this summer, instead of juggling multiple classes simultaneously. Completing STEM courses, such as organic chemistry and physics, during the summer allows for smaller classes and more interaction with teaching assistants. When you make a challenging course your sole priority, you may also earn a better grade. 
  2. Fulfill General Education requirements. Free up time during the academic year to participate in an internship, complete a minor or do research with faculty. Contact Summer Sessions for a list of these courses, or reach out to your college's academic advisors.
  3. Save money! In-state tuition for the upcoming 2024-2025 academic year is $14,436. For UC students, summer classes are priced at $279 per unit. By taking summer classes, students can shorten their time to graduation and save money. For example, a three-unit class would cost $837 (plus a $388.81 summer campus fee). Savings further increase for out-of-state and international students. Students who qualify for financial aid during the academic year may also qualify for aid in the summer. 
  4. Find a course that matches your interests! UC Davis is known for its standout classes. Introduction to Brewing and Beer, Word Roots and Filmmaking Foundations are unique and popular classes that satisfy General Education requirements and might help you win the next trivia night. Use the Class Search Tool to explore all the options.
  5. Enjoy better access to campus amenities. Summer in Davis means finding open hammocks on the quad, less bike traffic and open shady tables near the Coffee House. These are all perks of spending the summer on campus. Can't keep your eyes open from long hours studying? The UC Davis Nap Map includes all the best places to rest.  
  6. Learn from near or far! UC Davis Summer Sessions offer virtual courses that come to you. These courses make it possible to attend classes, even if you spend the summer away from Davis. This flexibility allows you to balance your academic and personal life.

Summer Sessions may be just what you need to complete your degree sooner, excel in that one tough class or learn about a new topic. More questions? Contact the Summer Sessions staff or follow us on Instagram to learn about upcoming workshops and pop-up events, featuring free Summer Sessions swag!