UE's Commitment to Dismantle Racism

bell hooks quote: "All of us in the academy and in the culture as a whole are called to Renew our minds...

Undergraduate Education is committed, personally and organizationally, to the ongoing work required to dismantle systems of racism and end individually racist practices. We believe this is required in order to create equitable classrooms and an equitable campus community for for our students, staff, and faculty.

Our leadership team is discussing what concrete steps we can take to do this work within our organization and our campus. As part of this, individuals are sharing resources that have been useful to them in developing anti-racist mindsets and strategies for greater equity in our work. We share them here so they can be of benefit to others. We invite additional resource suggestions.


Undergraduate Education’s Statement on the Death of George Floyd

Resources from our Campus Colleagues:

Juneteenth Resources: