Peer-To-Peer Tutoring

Questions about Peer-to-Peer Tutoring

Q: Can we create a webpage for personal peer to peer tutoring help on campus?   Like a space for students to offer tutoring to other students via a web-page housed and facilitated by UC Davis. I see paper postings on boards with numbers and subjects... I also see post for books... I imagine a 'craigslist' like functionality that students can use to post tutoring services, books for sale… 

Carolyn: This is a great idea. I want to refer it to Carol Hunter who directs our campus Tutoring Center!


Q: How can increased peer to peer tutoring be used help to improve student success outcomes in STEM? - Maybe a student lead 1 to 2 unit course / section that functions as a sort of co-class focused on group discussion of material, concepts, and assignments. Something to address areas that do not currently have pre and co classes available... i.e. upper div classes, like stats, chem, bio, math courses. A way to offer (to those who may want or would benefit from) an option for group focused tutoring structured as a one hour weekly class. Like offering a unit or two benefit to students who commit to a class with a group study setting lead by a student who recently passed the course.

Carolyn: "This is another idea that people are thinking about. It’s called the Learning Assistant model on other campuses—UC Santa Cruz has started doing this. Basically it’s when a student who has succeeded in the course comes back and helps as part of the teaching team, so that they can provide additional support to enrolled students in the class. It’s like a tutor, but you don’t have to go to them because they’re already there in the class helping out. I think you’ll see more of this happening on campus in the future because it’s an idea many people want to expand. We’re already doing it in a couple of departments—like Chemistry—but not in an intentional way across our courses."